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The Old Actress’s Theatre was founded in Hradec Králové in 1998 by professional puppeteer Jarmila Vlčková. In 2004 her daughter Jana Vyšohlídová, also a professional puppeteer and a graduate from DAMU, the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre, joined her. The theatre operates without a permanent base. Both actresses play their performances independently not only to nursery school children but also at theatres and other cultural institutions or outdoors; they regularly take part in local and international festivals (where they have won several awards). Each actress has her own repertoire of puppet plays that they produce under the common name The Old Actress’s Theatre.
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Program Apart from morning performances for nursery schools The Old Actress’s Theatre also performs for public.
2019 13. 1. /16.00 14. 1. /8.30 a 10.00 15.–17. 1. /9.00 a 10.00 20. 1. /16.00 27. 1. /10.00 18. 2. /9.00 24. 2. /15.30 10. 3. /15.00 16. 3. /15.00 24. 3. /15.00 31. 3. /16.00 13. 4. /16.00 19. 5. /16.00 20.–23. 5. /8.30 a 10.00 25. 5. /16.00 23. 6. /17.00 22. 6. /10.00 27. 7. /16.00 8. 8. /16.00
Mauglí – Beskydské divadlo Nový Jičín Ošklivé kačátko – Beskydské divadlo Nový Jičín Ošklivé kačátko – Městské divadlo Prostějov Mauglí – Galerie Artičok, Hradec Králové Mauglí – Adalbertinum, Hradec Králové Mauglí – KD “12”, Praha Modřany Mauglí – KD Střelnice, Vrchlabí Mauglí – Divadlo K. H. Máchy, Litoměřice Mauglí – KD Plechárna, Praha Ošklivé kačátko – Divadlo Trám, Svitavy Ošklivé kačátko – Stříbský mlýn, Ivančice Ošklivé kačátko – KC Vlna, Praha Ďáblice Mauglí – Divadlo hudby, Olomouc Mauglí – Divadlo hudby, Olomouc Ošklivé kačátko – Festival Houpačka, Přibyslav Mauglí – Zámecké zahrady, Lanškroun Mauglí – Naivní divadlo Liberec – festival Mateřinka 2019 Mauglí – Domek Boženy Němcové, Červený Kostelec Mauglí – Divadlo Oskara Nedbala, Tábor
People Jana Vyšohlídová graduated from DAMU, the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre where she later earned a degree in the Production Program. Jana comes from an acting family – for many years her mother Jarmila Vlčková worked as an actress at the DRAK Theatre in Hradec Králové (together they now form the core of The Old Actress’s Theatre), her father Jiří Vyšohlíd belongs to the top Czech puppeteers which was definitely confirmed by the Thalia Awards 2015 where he was awarded for lifetime mastery in the field of puppet theatre. No wonder that Jana was only 16 years old when she first stood on stage, playing in Mary Stuart at The Klicpera's Theatre in Hradec Králové. After graduating she started her career at the Naive Theatre in Liberec where she stayed for five seasons. From Liberec she headed for Prague where she graduated from the Production Program and started working at the Minor Theatre, primarily as a producer, though she also had the opportunity to act as well. In 2002 she moved back to Hradec Králové and converted the Old Actress’s Theatre into a family theatre – Jana joined her mother and she has been dedicating her work energy to creating and performing plays primarily for children ever since.
 Jiří Vyšohlíd *1943, Puppeteer, composer and director. Member of the DRAK Theatre from 1967, owner of the Thalia Awards 2015 for lifetime mastery in the field of puppet theatre. Jarmila Vlčková *1953, Puppeteer, director and founder of the Old Actress’s Theatre. Holder of many awards from the Czech and foreign theatre festivals. Marta Ljubková *1975, Head dramaturge of The National Theatre in Prague, playwright and pedagogue. Vít Peřina *1978, Dramaturge of the Naive Theatre Liberec and playwright. Tomáš Jarkovský *1986, Dramaturge of the DRAK Theatre and playwright. Luděk Joska *1974, Graphic designer and scenographer of The Old Actress’s Theatre. Petr Vyšohlíd *1965, musician, composer and producer co-founder of musical groups Piráti and Meat House Chicago I.R.A.
Contact MgA. Jana Vyšohlídová Puppeteer and producer of The Old Actress’s Theatre phone: + 420 603 367 625 mail: mailing address: Doubravice u České Skalice 4, 552 03 Česká Skalice Czech Republic

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