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A puppeteer Jana Vyšohlídová, graduate from the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre Prague DAMU, started creating her plays under the umbrella of the Old Actress’s Theatre, Hradec Králové in 2014. This theatre was founded by Jarmila Vlčková, a long-time member of the DRAK theatre, in 1998 as a theatre group without a permanent  stage.  Within Jana Vyšohlídová’s repertoire there is a wide range of plays for children based on classic fairy tales, as well as author plays that are appreciated not only by the youngest audience. Her plays are staged in theatres (Divadlo v Celetné, Dejvické Divadlo, Nová scéna ND, Naivní divadlo Liberec atd.), other cultural institutions or in the open air and also in kindergartens. Thanks to the high artistic quality and impeccable performance she’s frequently invited to national theatre festivals (Divadlo evropských regionů, Hradec Králové, Mateřinka, Liberec, Přelet nad loutkářským hnízdem, Praha atd.) and within last few years she’s been regularly performing abroad (Finland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Norway etc.).


The Mysterious Garden



No language


Simply a Frog

An exciting pilgrimage from one stage to another full of transformations, pitfalls and humour. One can never know what awaits him on his life journey...It seems like a series of fun situations, however, if you’re a frog you can never be sure who’s after you again. There’s a sharp-red-beak monster on the lookout, wellingtons tamping down the ground in a city or a frog legs processing factory. Noone would ever want to be in this frog’s shoes. Until he realises that one day someone might come and kiss him... What does a frog need to go through to encounter the final happiness? Without needless words, with joyful croaking – a puppet grotesque from Czech waters, groves and cities.

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No language



A performance in which action replaces words. Mowgli – it’s an Indian jungle, wild predators, insidious reptiles, a lost child and a caterpillar…


Mowgli is found in the jungle by a wolf. He gets to understand that someone has to look after Mowgli. Is he hungry? Would he like a bone? No, honey will be better. A bear gets involved and becomes Mowgli’s guardian. Still, Mowgli has to learn to survive alone so he sets out on exploration trips around the jungle. Gradually he starts to understand that a life in the wilderness requires wisdom and shrewdness even though at first he is rescued from any tricky situation by the bear who secretly watches every single Mowgli’s move. It would look like a paradise if it weren’t for a bad tiger circling around…  A story about courage and friendship cannot do without a bit of thrill and danger but it certainly can without useless words.


Festivals: Theatre European Regions 2018 in Hradec Králové, Loutky v Celetné 2018, Loutkářská Chrudim 2018 (inspirativní představení), Sampo 2018 Helsinky - Finland, Letní Letná 2018, Kefír 2018, Vyšehrádky 2018, Loutky dětem 2018 Český Těšín, 40. Puppen Tage Mistelbach 2018 - Austria, Přelet nad loutkářských hnízdem 2018, Praha, Mateřinka 2019 Liberec, Hippalot 2019 Hämeelinna - Finland, Nadosah 2019, Mladá Boleslav, Divadlo jednoho herce 2019, Cheb.

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The Ugly Duckling


in German


in Deutscher


Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story


With the arrival of spring everything comes to life and babies begin coming into the world.  They are being born, leaving the egg, hatching. A foursome of eggs are about to crack. However, one of them is rather strange. A deviation? An error? A fault? Is being different a curse or a gift? Or both?


A play, based on the classic fairy tale about a little bird who has to cope with looking different than the others from its very first day. The poor fledgling is ridiculed and despised. Will it manage to overcome all this injustice? Will it find a place of its own in the world? If so, perhaps the deserved reward will come, too…


Festivals: Dítě v Dlouhé Praha 2016, Divadlo evropských regionů Hradec Králové 2016, Přelet nad loutkářským hnízdem Praha 2016, Přehlídka k Světovému dni divadla pro děti a mládež, Mateřinka Liberec 2017, Dream Factory 2017, Jiráskův Hronov 2017 doprovodný program, Letní Letná 2017, Divadlo jednoho herce Cheb 2017, Českolipský divadelní podzim 2017, Živá ulice, Plzeň 2019, 41. Puppentage 2019, Mistelbach - Austria.

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Based on the Grimm brothers’ Town Musicians of Bremen A classic fairy tale about the fact that friends who hold together under any circumstances, can tune in better… Once upon a time a poor farmer lived on a small farm. A goat, a cat and a rooster lived there with her. One day the animals decided to set out into the world and make a living by singing. However, there was a pretty long journey before their first joint concert. And on that journey there was a shanty awaiting them in the middle of the woods where a couple of wicked bandits dwelt! Festivals: Divadlo evropských regionů Hradec Králové 2017, Kefír 2017, Přelet nad loutkářským hnízdem 2017.

Animals and Bandits





A Christmas tale where a lot of famous carols are heard, it tells the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus. Nobody wants to let Mary and Joseph stay overnight on their long journey. Archangel Gabriel appears to them and sends them to a barn in Bethlehem. There Mary gives birth to her son Jesus. Soon after, the whole world learns about his birth. Even the Three Wise Men come to greet him from faraway lands. The only one not celebrating is Herod who wants to have the little baby killed. Archangel Gabriel warns Mary and Joseph in time.


Apart from morning performances for nursery schools The Old Actress’s Theatre also performs for public.


15. 1. 16.00

16. 1. 8.30 a 10.00

18. 1. 9.00 a 11.00

19. 1. 9.00 a 11.00

21. 1. 12.00 a 14.00

28. 1. 10.00

28. 1. 15.00


12. 2. 10.00 a 16.00

13. 2. 9.00

16. 2. 9.00, 10.30 a 14.00

17. 2. 9.00, 10.30

17. 2. 17.00

18. 2. 10.00

18. 2. 16.00


4. 3. 10.00

5. 3. 15.00

6. 3. 9.00 a 10.30

18. 3. 15.00

20. 3. 8.30 a 10.00

Tajemná zahrada Beskydské divadlo, Nový Jičín

Ošklivé kačátko  Beskydské divadlo, Nový Jičín

Tajemná zahrada Městské divadlo, Prostějov

Tajemná zahrada Městské divadlo, Prostějov

Prostě žába Bærum Kulturhus, Sandvika, Norsko

 Prostě žába Kulturní centrum, Turnov

Mauglí Vozovna, Praha 3


Tajemná zahrada SVČ, Opava

Tajemná zahrada SVČ, Opava

Mauglí Divadlo Karla Hackera, Praha 8

Mauglí Divadlo Karla Hackera, Praha 8

Tajemná zahrada Divadlo v Celetné, Praha 1

Mauglí Divadlo Karla Hackera, Praha 8

Tajemná zahrada Divadlo DRAK, Hradec Králové


Ošklivé kačátko Naivní divadlo, Liberec

Ošklivé kačátko Kino, Hustopeče

Tajemná zahrada Kino, Hustopeče

Mauglí Roškotovo divadlo, Ústí na Orlicí

Tajemná zahrada UFFO, Trutnov


MgA. Jana Vyšohlídová

Puppeteer and producer of The Old Actress’s Theatre

phone: + 420 603 367 625

mail: info@divadloustareherecky.cz


mailing address:

Doubravice u České Skalice 4,

552 03 Česká Skalice

Czech Republic

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